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This section addresses all your questions on the search engine, the score, the processing of personal data, etc.

Why do I need to create an account ?

There are 7 excellent reasons why you should create an account: Discover them

Can I register for free ?

Yes, registering is completely free! Yet it will give you many advantages!

What are the advantages ?

In addition to giving you access to the Internet history of your searches, registering for a YouSeeMii account allows you to get better results on networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.
You will also have access to the YouSeeMii e-book: Promote Your Brand on Social Networks with Peace of Mind Using YouSeeMii Advice.

Why should I join Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook?

By joining Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, you will obtain information related to your search that appears on these networks (timeline for Twitter, profiles and companies for LinkedIn, profile pages for Facebook).
YouSeeMii does not use your personal login information under any circumstances (first name, last name, and email).


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