Questions - General

How do I complete a search on YouSeeMii ?

It's very simple! YouSeeMii has taken care to simplify life for its users. There is no need to type "www" in the search field and you don't have to add quotation marks or keywords to your search.

YouSeeMii works accurately with a regular name. If the results of your search do not meet your expectations, you can always refine the search.

For a person, do I always select Individual ?

Yes! You will get the best results if you enter the first and last name of the person.

Even for famous people ?

No! We consider searches on famous people to be like brand-name searches.

What sources does YouSeeMii use ?

YouSeeMii searches the web in real time and connects directly to major search engines and social networks. Several million web pages are searched each day.

Why distinguish between businesses and individuals ?

Everyone is on the web. But businesses and individuals do not have the same types of usage or the same expectations with respect to the Internet and social networks.
For businesses, there is a visibility score for Related Professionals, Jobs, and Apps, for example, that you would not receive for individuals.

What is the YouSeeMii score ?

A full explanation of the score is found on this page.

What are keywords ?

They are simply words related to your search in search engines.

Why does YouSeeMii measure the visibility of individuals ?

It is common practice for recruiting professionals to google a candidate for information about the person before an interview. Likewise, recruiters work on branding to attract candidates. You have to be aware of your e-reputation and your personal branding to increase your chances of success. By offering Individual as a search option, YouSeeMii attempts to bridge the information gap.

Does YouSeeMii access password-protected information ?

No! YouSeeMii respects privacy and, therefore, accesses only public information posted on the Internet.

I want to interview the YouSeeMii team for my blog or an article. Who should I contact ?

Please email your request to We will process your request as quickly as possible. We cannot guarantee an interview, but we will do our best to make it possible.


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